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Our History 30 YEARS WORTH!

How It All Started

Additional income was the reason I began cleaning houses in 1985.  I had a friend who was moving out of the area and she asked if I would be interested in taking over some clients that she was cleaning for.

I started with three houses. In four years I was cleaning two houses every day, with more requests coming in, while also working my regular job in the evenings.  With encouragement from my clients, family and friends, in 1989 my “extra job” became The Personal Touch and was run out of my home.  I am fortunate to share that some of my employees have been with me over 20 years.  Each one starting as either a house cleaner or a janitor to become managers and supervisors.

Although my original plan was to do residential cleaning only, in 1991 I was approached to do a commercial account which I accepted.  That opportunity created a new direction for my company.  With the new opportunity for commercial accounts and the growing residential accounts I incorporated my business and changed the name to what it is today, The Personal Touch Cleaning Inc.  Today we have over 250 residential clients and over 100 commercial businesses.

Personal Touch Janitorial

Looking Forward

The future is looking bright for The Personal Touch Cleaning, we have recently created a new logo that can be seen on our website, Facebook page and storefront, along with new uniforms for our growing staff.

The future also holds the prospect of expanding our commercial division into the Lower Yakima Valley and outlying communities as well as securing more government contracts.

The residential division will continue to grow due to our quality of service along with the continuing growth in our communities housing development.

When I first started The Personal Touch, I wanted to clean a house the way a customer would if they had the time.  That desire has never changed. 

Today I employ over 45 people.  These hard-working individuals are the main reason for my success.  They take pride in their work and pay attention to detail. 

Customer service is the number one thing that we provide to our clients.  Whether we are cleaning your home or business The Personal Touch Cleaning is in everything we do and our customers will always come first.

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